Where to find free tutorials on coding

There are hundreds and thousands of websites, programs and apps that can help you create your own ones. But there is always coding involved and learning that is a little bit harder, so let's start there. Free online tutorials on coding are not that hard to find, but everyone can create those, even students who are learning to code as well and are far from being professionals. So let's find some places where you can easily and for free learn coding and be taught by professionals who actually know what they are doing.

It is as simple as it gets

If you have the intention to become a programmer one day and make it your carrier and living out of it, then you will need to take this more seriously. First of all, you will need to learn the base things, how and what you can create and what ways are there, but also go a little deeper. Codecademy is the best place to do so, since they have free courses on almost every widely used programming language. You have everything right there on the website and it is really as simple as opening your Browser, visiting the website and starting right away without anyone helping you with anything, other than the people who created the courses.

Learn JS and Learn Python are the two main websites for more in-depth knowledge seeking. They are developed by the same people and are most certainly the best place to go if you don't have a real life tutor or teacher. Once you finish all these courses, you can go over to some Youtube channels or Blogs, where you can delve a little deeper once you decide what direction you should go next. This is for sure, one of the best ways to start learning to code, without having too much trouble with courses and reading thousands of pages and then not even knowing how to type the simplest command.