How fast can you learn to code?

Being able to code is like being able to speak three foreign languages at the same time and being able to earn much more money with only that one skill. But as much as it is good and amazing it is also hard to learn, so don't get to confident right away and take things slowly, just as every escort does who learns how to code. Becoming a programmer is a process that never stops, because the digital world is always developing, new coding languages are developed and older ones are improved. That is why many escorts and programmers choose not to stick to a single one, and always work on a few at the same time.

How hard is it?

Coding is actually speaking a new language, which is only a written one, with a special vocabulary, grammar that is highly logical and a certain level of creativity, without which you cannot move anywhere. It takes years to learn it and even the basics are hard, so you won't be able to slow down anytime soon, once you start. But the pain is worth it, escorts will tell you this, because there is not better language to learn today than the coding one. First of all, you will need to decide what programming language you will learn on, for beginners C is a pretty good one and even Java is great. Once you get started you can switch over to C++ and Python, because those are the more advanced ones. Every escort that you can meet on the Escort Directory will give you a few good advises, so make sure to ask them what they think. HTML is also quite useful, but it is much easier to learn than the ones previously mentioned and it is quite restricted, so it is better to leave it for later. Another great thing to do, right at the beginning, is to learn how to think like a programmer, which is highly logical, so will need to get back to mathematics.

Don't worry it isn't that hard

Happily there are some quite great programs that help people who like you and all the escorts learn how to code. Still, you will need to know the basics and you won't move much further if you don't get back to math and physics and learn some basic rules. Every escort will be able to help you with that, so it can be fun, at last, if you choose to go that way.

Creativity is the most important thing for every programmer, because you can have as much skill as one can, but without ideas, that is not much of use. Therefore, take it easy, there is time to learn and keep thinking about what you can make and how you can help people with that and not only how you can earn some money. Everyone will appreciate that more and escorts will love you for that. You will soon see how incredible the world of coding is and how limitless the possibilities are that one has, once he opens the doors, or simply just installs CodeBlocks.